Bacon Sausage Ball Recipe and a Shout Out….

Hello beloved followers. This week for my strictly budgeted, family of 5 and constantly moving in that chaotic e’b and flow that is life in general….we traveled all over looking for decent meat cuts and prices….prices of course, being first. 😉 We came across Fligners, in Lorain, OH. Turns out, it’s one of the best kept secrets around. I was in Meat AND Produce heaven! I typically don’t do shout outs. I’m not into advertising and I don’t do reviews. However, since I intend to be using their meat and produce in my future recipes, I think it’s important to acknowledge that fact. And while I had heard of their meat, which yes, is amazing, I was never told of their produce! I’m a big veggie consumer. I like it fresh and in a wide variety. In the past, I had to go out to Cleveland to find decent prices for my produce. Turns out, Fligners carries a wide variety of veggies and their prices are AMAZING! They beat Giant Eagle by a mile and YEP…even Save-A-Lot! I personally prefer not to drive all over looking for the items I need at the prices I want. So, for those in my area, check out Fligners. You can get box bulk packages for the week or longer. Check out their website for a list of packages:   Yes, they do catering as well.

So…..moving on….today’s special is Bacon Sausage Balls! Ohhhhh  Yeeaaahhhhh……Obviously it’s an American Dish! LOL

And extremely simple!


Yes….there will be BACON!


Milo LOVES bacon! That’s where he sits….EVERY SINGLE TIME…..I cook bacon;)


Yep….the recipe is that simple!

Chop your bacon and mix with ground sausage, biscuit mix and milk. Form a ball of dough. Break of balls about the size of little ping pong balls. Drop in a deep fryer or simply drop in a pot of veggie oil.  They need to be a deep brown color….the bacon and sausage should be fully cooked!

For a dip (my husband and his buddies just LOVED this for football Sundays)…..Velveeta…melted and yes, you can add some finely diced green bell pepper to the cheese dip….And VIOLA! The perfect meal! Or side…depending on what you’re using it for;)

Be sure to check out my instagram, to the right, I have posted quite a few recipes on there as well.  And if you’re looking for budgeting tips, check out Rachel’s site: Couponing with Rachel  She’s both a sister and a friend….and you can find her on New Day Cleveland:

Thanks All….seeya later ❤



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