Sweet Spice Chicken…plus the leftovers!


Mmmmmmm…..the aroma, the flavor, the texture…everything about it…perfect!

The recipe is rather simple and EASILY modified to fit the produce that you already have in the house.


It’s actually pretty amazing, all the ways chicken can be flavored! It picks up just about everything and anything. Plus, it’s cost effective.  Chicken being one of the least expensive meats (well…technically…poultry, but you get what I mean), is a common staple on American tables across the country. And for those trying to cut out red meat, chicken is a favorite.

So, to start your roast, a roasting pan is best, but in a pinch….yep….any kind of deep pan will do. Make sure you insert the metal rack.  It keeps the base of the chicken from getting soggy and slippery.

Rub the chicken in oil, salt and pepper….throw it in the pan and let the FUN begin!  Look at your produce…what do you have? Sweet and Sour go great together…as do Sweet and Spice! Slice up some apples, oranges, celery, onions, peppers, pineapple (this one is a favorite of mine…I could survive forever on pineapple)….toss in some garlic, some fresh rosemary sprigs from the garden (I still have a ton of it from last summer)….honestly, there’s not much you can’t add! Acorn or Butternut squash, sliced and gently laid on the breast.  And feel free to stuff the cavity as well.

Cook thoroughly, using chicken package directions. Every hour or so, make sure to baste.  Save some juices for a nice homemade gravy….easily made with a little cornstarch….

And VIOLA! A meal fit for king!


AND…leftovers!  The beauty part is, that citrus fruit…is a natural preservative…..sweet! So all those oranges or lemons, they keep those leftovers tasting fresh!


The easiest way to follow the recipe…is NOT to….every recipe is just a blank canvas…you create the art….keep your fridge stocked with a mad variety!


Lots of it! Fruits and Veggies…ALWAYS taste better then the spice rack! They aren’t ground or dried…and if you buy organic, that’s even better.  You’ll be amazed at the beauty and flavor of a dish created with whole fruits and veggies, rather then a few sprinkles of a high salt additive.  I’ve always preferred the flavor and overall health of freshly grown herbs.  Come April, you can bet I’ll be out there working my garden…..can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Sweet Spice Chicken…plus the leftovers!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. It looks wonderful.


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