Valentine Winter Squash…just a touch of red….


On a whim and a prayer, squash became today’s inspiration.

Any squash will do….remember, it not about following the recipe to the T, it’s about adding a piece of ourselves to every dish. And squash is probably one of the most flexible veggies out there! It can be shaped, carved, mashed, molded….cookie cutters and food coloring (yes…food coloring)….squash has been the canvas for many aspiring food artists. So give it a go.


Now that you have your squash, slice it into clean beautiful shapes….I was in a hurry and went with circles, but just imagine what some cute little cookie cutters could do. For kids, you could go with teddy bears and cars, for the fancy diners, maybe swans or champagne flutes! Beauty is in the eye of the chef!

Moving on, lightly oil and butter a large pan. Add a generous helping of brown sugar and some water. Not enough water to completely cover the squash, but enough to keep it simmering. Flip and cook till it’s nice and soft.


The topping is best part! Here’s where we get creative! I chose to grate some parsnip to give it a crisp white appearance , then a touch pf pimento….hence my ‘Winter Valentine’ label ❤



To keep the kids (and the husband) wanting more, I made a brown sugar sauce, to drizzle over the finished product….the sauce is simple enough….brown sugar, Karo syrup and butter.


And depending on your food preference, many substitutions can be made…the recipe is flexible. I use coconut and flax oil, but veggie oil will work just fine.  BUT…make sure the produce is FRESH! While ‘mashed’ squash can be made from less fresh stock, that won’t work with squash ‘patties’…the crisper, the better.  Feel free to post and add to the recipe, as always…what’s mine is yours….share the inspiration ….



7 thoughts on “Valentine Winter Squash…just a touch of red….

  1. Reblogged this on Home Free Kids and commented:

    So we’re officially headed into January, quickly followed by February, which means: Valentines! Here’s a simple Squash recipe I came up with last year….give it a try 😉

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  3. This is so creative, and it looks beautiful and delicious. I’ve just recently ventured into cooking, and squash is a vegetable that I haven’t had much experience with. I’ve been looking for some good squash ideas and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I think I may have to give this one a try. Awesome job. Thanks for the idea.

  4. I’m big on flavoring with whole fruits and veggies, rather then seasoning. Honestly, it really makes everything so much more colorful. Squash is so easy to cook with! I LOVE IT! The things we can do to food….it astonsihing. Thanks for the comment!

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