Beach Bums

I think our overall plan for the summer is amusement parks and the beach. And so far, we’re off to a good start!


I was seriously thrilled that the snow was finally gone! But the sand was soooo hot. I’ve got blisters on my feet 😦


Lil T went tubing and did NOT fall off! OMG!


My BFF, Charlene…who YES, works out CONSTANTLY! LOL


Charlene’s husband, Shawn. Every year (and since they’re also neighbors in close proximity), they happily bring us along throughout the summer.


The ships are always exciting for lil T. The waters right down the road, but it never gets old!


My son M on the back of the ski. The guy in the back, is M’s best friend…son of my best friend 😀


Lil T was getting a little impatient….lil guy had to wait his turn;)


Summer’s off to a great start!



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