Photography And The iPhone 5

This Christmas, my husband bought me a new phone. After making a few calls, sending a few texts and trying out some apps, I found the camera.  And a fabulous camera it is! The phone is an iPhone 5. Honestly, I have no idea how I ever lived without it. Built in photo editing and a plethora of free photo apps…what’s not to like? So without further delay, here’s a few pics from the past month….

1465357_767214749979641_1184350715730427670_n 10385471_767214239979692_552809935965083604_n1560491_767870476580735_2266395194599329159_n  1524773_761714157196367_3857080490648037136_n10447622_761714297196353_7871466707918359912_n 10388090_765225436845239_5521848456326788040_n 10438975_766150580086058_3191890896185504917_n10393899_766216480079468_1652849915613978238_n 10441961_766193406748442_660947344091690351_n10423956_762233150477801_8999351509925005567_n 10426308_766746613359788_8985391629489513481_n   10444757_766834920017624_2479802643115357919_n  10450160_762791087088674_2436231888014972651_n 10455332_767821426585640_7106131978660835359_n 10458009_765240706843712_5571656433706893452_n 10462487_771531102881339_7786574558951685429_n 10462657_766216073412842_8369353502761705523_n 10492375_770935716274211_3941476311793507976_n 10494694_771932499507866_1967918241073305010_n 10514681_769985699702546_5290435811600496638_n10454525_766747263359723_4007141964611290344_n

There are literally over 1000 pics on my Instagram.  So my rating for the iPhone 5 cam…easily a 10.


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