Vegetarian Tofu Valentine Recipe

And one more…Valentines is just around the corner!



So…this one was FUN! Tofu is soooo easy to play with! LOL

This recipe is extremely EASY! And may I also suggest, the tofu can be cut to any shape, so this recipe can be modified for any holiday or lesson! For instance: Letters, Shapes, Colors…the choices are endless, so use your imagination.  As far as time, I whipped this up in about ten minutes!


First I cut the tofu block into ONE large heart, then I sliced it by layer into the amount I wanted (yes…I know it’s a  little jagged, in my defense, there were children climbing all over my counter 😀 )

For a splash of pink (outside the hearts…we’re getting to the hearts in a second), I shredded some red cabbage…


The color for the hearts will come in, when you cook them. I used 1 TBS of Coconut Oil, then put in some beet juice….I…

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