White Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothies!

WOW! This one is rather sweet. Honestly, if you’re aren’t big on sweets…don’t bother. However, if you have to have them, can’t live without them and will be carrying a bar of chocolate to the grave, then by all means…give it a try! With tonight being New Years Eve, you might as well go all out, if your resolution is cutting back on sweets. Hurry Hurry…You have until MIDNIGHT!

First: White Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Sugar. As usual, I just threw it in a few cups, so don’t take the measuring cups at face value.


For instance, if you are keen on peanut butter, add more.

Side Note: I purchased the white chocolate and fresh strawberries at Fligners*.

Along with a cup of milk, I slowly simmered the ingredients, until the chocolate was completely blended.

For some extra fluff, I chopped some strawberries and added a cup of whipped cream (COLD)….these things are added AFTER the pot is removed from the stove.


With all ingredients prepared, I add them to my Nutri Bullet. A blender will do just fine.


A quick whirl and VIOLA! A fabulously; peanut buttery, chocolate filled, fruity delight!





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