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With homefreekids.com becoming ‘official’ ….

The idea of leaving the words in this blog to my amazing children, fills my heart with the absolute certainty of a legacy. Words have so much power, and it’s how that power is wielded, that shapes who we are. Healers, Lovers, Creators, Comics, Artists, Journalists, Chefs, Gamers, Go-Green and Everything In Between… Our words give us the ability to bring our imaginations to life. They say ‘ if you do what you love….you’ll never work a day in your life….’  What I love, costs me nothing & pays in the knowledge of a life long dream, accomplished.

Over the next few weeks, the site will be getting a make-over, so please be patient. It shouldn’t affect the ability to view the pages. And it’s going to take me a while, to find the design I’m comfortable with. Meanwhile, get used to an ever changing theme for a bit 😉 Thanks, D. Scagliozzo



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