“Hair On Your Chest” Chicken and Asparagus

I’ve previously used this spicy recipe, to help my husband get over the last of his flu bug one year.  (Thank You Fligner’s) Since the Flu Soup, worked so well with opening up his head a bit, I decided to be bold (with his taste buds), and make “Hair On Your Chest” Chicken and Asparagus. Basically, the idea was to clear out his chest, de-fog his head and keep some much needed vitamins replenished. So here’s what I made:

I started with a couple of fresh boneless chicken breasts, fresh asparagus and some coconut oil.


And after slicing the breasts into small portions, I prepared my asparagus. I chopped the spears into bite size pieces and simmered until soft.


While that was simmering, I prepared some teriyaki sauce: a little brown sugar, corn syrup and ginger root. (Again…I never measure. Measuring confines and constricts me. Mistakes and Adventures, define and delight me. ) Then I sautee’d the chicken bits and sauce together in skillet.


I happened to have a colorful jar of assorted peppers, celery and carrots. When the chicken was ‘mostly’ done, I poured out the jar, coating the teryaki chicken in a colorful array of marinated peppers and a variety of lovely veggies.


I set it to simmer on low and finished up my asparagus.

After cutting up some PepperJack Cheese, I added them to the asparagus (after I had removed it from the stove and drained the water). And using a microwave safe place, I melted the cheese onto the asparagus for one full  minute.


And there you have it: “Hair On Your Chest” Chicken and Asparagus.


Did it help?…yes! He seems a bit less ‘cloudy’ now. And the flavor was fabulous! It can be a bit hard to taste anything when you’re ill. But this...we both tasted! 


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