Fryer Chickens can be a work of Art

So with my husband back at work after the flu, the kids snowbound due to -20 weather conditions, I went with a ‘warm’ menu.  Having purchased a ‘Where’s the Beef?’ pack at my local market, I found myself with two fresh fryer chickens and an endless supply of imagination.

On Today’s Menu: Fryer Chickens with a side of Rice

First I scrounged around the fridge, looking for produce.


Apples, Lemons and one fat Turnip…mmmmmm

Then I pulled out some Flax-Seed & Garlic

image image

And went straight to work!

I prepared my fryers with a little coconut oil rub….


Then loaded them with  tasty ‘hue-filled’  delights!


Almost forgot the  Flax….


While the chickens roasted (lid on to keep in the flavor), I started the rice, adding turmeric for brilliant flavorful color.


And as my creation gently fills my kitchen will the  smells of winter warmth, I shall sit here and succumb to my need for that: all to familiar call for caffeine….Man I REALLY love coffee!


One thought on “Fryer Chickens can be a work of Art

  1. Oh yea.. That’s the way to do it. I often think that the show on the food channel that gives cooks just a few items and they need to cook a scrumptious dish with, should just film a normal night in a family home!! Let’s see… Turnip, fryers, lemon and apple?? Delish dinner!!!


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