Fun Thrift Store Finds

The cosmic alignment, must have been in my favor today. We recently remodeled and switched to pale greens, blues and yellows. (The red had me climbing the walls). And wonder of all wonders….green, blue and yellow, filled the thrift store shelves today. I felt like I’d just won the lottery! So with 14.78$ exactly, in my pocket….I made out like a bandit.


These two lovely bottles, were 1.99 each. With the Pier 1 stickers, still on the bottom, I was delighted.


Also, Pier 1, this quaint serving dish was 2.99. Heaven!


I’m not sure who made this cozy little tea set, but I love it. And at .99 , it was a steal.


Both the milk pot and sugar pot were .49 each. And two blue coffee mugs, also at .49.…Did I mention how much I LOVE thrift stores?!


I intend to use this little blue pitcher, for gravy. Also, .49 !


I actually purchased these at .10 each, last year…same thrift store.

11.50$ plus tax, and I have a fresh new kitchen. If I can bleach it, I’ll buy it. I tend to stay away from used fabric or painted wood items. But everything else, is up for grabs! I had to be careful though. I hate clutter…it’s just more to dust, so I needed to reign it in. There was so much more and in my colors, but I was seriously proud of myself for walking away. 


At the end of the day, less is more…


5 thoughts on “Fun Thrift Store Finds

  1. Thank You! I refuse to pay retail with such fun stuff in the thrift stores. …and given that my page involves a lot of cooking, the colors will be fun to photograph 😉

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