Roasting A Fabulously Fruity Turkey



When it comes to cooking, imagination is EVERYTHING! And when we’re digging through the fridge, towards the end of the week, imagination is crucial.  Over the years I’ve found that the word ‘recipe’ is relative. I rarely use a cookbook. And when I do, it’s for the basics, such as simple batters and what not….and I ALWAYS seem to be modifying those as well.  For instance, more flour=thicker, more eggs=fluffier and more milk=thinner.

Growing up, cooking a turkey meant a little oil rub, salt and pepper. As an adult, I’ve found my own little piece of food heaven with the discovery of ‘where’ flavor comes from. For instance, sweet and sour chicken can be as simple as oranges and apples. Throw in some brown sugar and it’s good to go! So for my turkey, there’s nothing like ‘pure’ flavor. Skip the pre-made, processed crap that they sell at the…

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