Flax Seed Rice and Sausage

After we arrived home from my son’s basketball game ~happily, they won ~, I walked in the door to a couple of waiting, hungry kids. It’s Sunday, so we’re about a day shy of grocery day and it’s slim pickings. However, I buy flax and rice in bulk. So today’s menu: Flax Seed Rice and Sausage.

I decided to use up the last of the ‘packaged’ sausage. Honestly, I don’t ‘love’ it, but it’s what I had in the freezer. I cooked up the rest of the ground breakfast sausage yesterday, so……  After peeling off the sausage casings, I was able to break it up to sautee’ with some fresh veggies and the flax.


I slowly sautee’d the sausage, leeks, beans and flax…


Then I  started on the rice. The rice is simple: PRIOR to adding the rice to water, put in the turmeric. Besides the health benefits of turmeric, the bright yellow color accompanying it, adds to the warmth of the meal. And adding cooked scrambled egg to the finished yellow rice, really helps to give it some extra texture.


Along with the protein bonus, eggs have a way of making a meal ‘hardy’. 


For fun…(and boy did we need it! Winter has long worn out it’s welcome around these parts), I threw together a couple of cute beverages for the kids. A little sugar around the dampened edge of a glass, pop on a couple of lemons, throw in some strawberries and VOILA! The ‘Winter Blue’s’ were, at least temporarily, forgotten.

As soon as the rice was complete, I added the sautee’d sausage and veggies. 


Note~ MANY MANY MANY, lovely veggies and fruits would work with this. For instance, diced apples, pineapple, celery, peppers, onions, mushrooms, diced tomato and the list goes on. Normally, I prefer a larger fruit and veggie ratio, but like I said, it’s the end of the week….and I’m too lazy to hit the market today. You honestly, TRULY, can NOT go wrong.

Add what you love, but first add what you NEED. It’s fine to eat for pleasure, but it’s better to eat for need. Listen to your body. If it’s the dead of winter, go for some foods rich in vitamin D. Are you surrounded by folks with the sniffles? Add foods loaded with vitamin C. Just because we’ve eaten, does not mean we’ve aquired any nutrients ( my mother and I just had this discussion,so it’s still fresh in my mind…yes, my mom let’s me talk endlessly about food. Actually, she’ll let me drole on about pretty much anything…even at 2 am. Thanks Mom ;).

 The human body is machine. Each part requires a different tool or nutrient. If a person is constantly eating, yet always hungry, doesn’t it stand to reason….that something is missing? Yes: less can be more, even with foods.


One thought on “Flax Seed Rice and Sausage

  1. I hadn’t thought about that before- if your always hungry, your missing something.. DUH!! Good point. Dinner looked like it was quite yummy!! Nice job!!


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