“The Interview”: Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader…


First let me start by saying: Eminem… Eminem… Eminem…..I couldn’t pull my eyes away from that scene.  I have no logical reason for it, but that bit there…that was funny.

So what did I take away from “The Interview”? That’s a loaded question and I may irritate a few folks with my answer. Having seen multiple documentaries on North Korea (Thank You Netflix, YouTube and Lisa Ling), I’m well aware of the history and ‘God’ status of Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader. For decades the population of North Korea has been veiled in a cloud of dark fantasy. To the outside world, the Supreme Leader has given a whole new meaning to the words “God Complex”. With horror stories of starvation and concentration camps being the lead view of North Korea, I found the movie to be rather refreshing. Take ‘the Nightmare Before Christmas’….how many kids lost their fear of the ‘boogie man’ as a result of ‘Oogie Boogie’? (ok…I know I’m adult, but that movie made sleeping in the dark much easier on my end).

And prior to Sadam and Osama finally meeting their deaths, there was almost …and I said almost (meaning not quite), an immortality to their cruelty.  Their deaths somehow made them ‘truly human’. Death, after all, stills every beating heart in the end. No living creature is immune.

“The Interview”, from my perspective, was less about humanizing Kim Jong-un for North Korea and more about humanizing the Supreme Leader….for us. Lets face it, we’re a species that loves to laugh! Laughter has the ability to elevate us, while at the same time, bringing us down to earth. Is the strife in North Korea funny? Hell no! But that wasn’t the point. As I sat in my living room, munching on chocolate chips and peanut butter (don’t judge me), the scene of Kim Jong-un giddy as a school boy, dancing to Katy Perry, filled my screen. For a moment…for one moment….a man I’ve never met, worlds away, cruel as the day is long….felt…human. Simply human. And what bothered me…and this part is strange…I felt sorry for him! Don’t get ahead of me here. It was an empathetic reflex, and frankly….I was annoyed with myself. Then I realized what the trigger was. Here is a man who has never known any other way. Cruelty is in his blood. It made me wonder…not if he cries, but why? I know that he must. He is in fact…human.  In the movie…yes...I know it’s just a movie...but in the movie, he’s portrayed as lonely.  Every emotion around him is fake. His so called ‘friends’ cry on cue, every single statement he makes is met with agreement and zero hostility. I would hate that.  My best friend, would call me out in a second. If I fell…she’d help me up, yes, but only after she put a picture of me, butt up in the snow, all over Instagram! Friends aren’t supposed to agree with every single fricken thing that comes out of our mouths. Friends are supposed to fight the good fight and tell us when we’re being ganks. True friendship is the thrill ride of the century….hills, valleys, the tunnel of terror and puking up that last corn dog on the spinning saucers. To put it blunty….farts are never hidden from true friends…those suckers are showcased in all their glory in full color right there on the front page. And just when you’re ready to blow your  stack: they pull a mind scramble on you, bring over a pitcher of margaritas, listen to you dribble on and on about your sucky ass day and then they remind you as to why they’re your bestie…it goes something like this “Suck it up! They have dollar shots at the karaoke bar! I’m buying!” 

This movie, besides the hilarious tank scene and finding out that, yes…Kim Jong-un does have an anus, did succeed in humanizing not only the Supreme Leader, but his lot of brainwashed followers. It gives me hope, that somewhere in that country…underneath the constant kneeling and propaganda, there are those who aren’t falling for all the hype. If that’s the case, there is hope for this country. Is there hope for Kim Jong-un? hmmmm…..Some people lie so much, they believe their own lies. I’d say this fella wrote the book on deception. Let’s face it. He has an entire country believing he’s a God. Well….as far as he knows. After all, there are athiests everywhere…..



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