Olde Town Pizza in Small Town America : Amherst, Ohio


~image courtesy of mainstreetamherst.org

One Word: Amazing

We  took the kids to Olde Town Pizza House tonight. It’s been a while for me, actually since before the add on. The remodel is incredible. Everything from the marbled design on the floor, to the full mural enveloping the outside walls,  is loaded with both fine and rustic charm. (I think one of my favorite decor elements is the sliding wooden ladder…although the tricycle wine rack is pretty nifty). With the fireplace and rather large beer menu, it’s rather hard not to feel at home.  Our waitress was vibrant, kind and prompt…all of those things are extremely welcome when seated at a table chalk full of kids.

Cleanliness is huge in my book. I mean HUGE! Yes…I look at everything from the windows to the doorknobs. It’s flu season and we’ve already had our share, thank you very much! This place was spotless and that’s hard to do in the slushy winter landscape.

The food? We ordered the family size chicken fold-over and the pepperoni/sausage pizza. (We’re a family of five and we have more than enough for lunch tomorrow). The crust was moist, the chicken was tender, the lettuce and tomato were crisp and the pepperoni/sausage pizza….I could go on for ages. And one beverage in the this place?… It’s actually enough No tiny cups in this establishment.

As far as the view…perfect. From the window we could watch the busy bustle of small town America. From friends and neighbors headed out for a Friday night at Ziggy’s,  to tiny fish keepers out for their first goldfish at Neptune’s Cellar. Only a stones throw from the Park Ave/Church Street intersection:  ‘Dancing On Main Street’ must be rather fun to watch from there.

Will we return? You betcha!

All-In-All: Two thumbs up...and maybe a big toe or two…



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