Green Ginger Anise with a Twist


Yeah…tea again…anyone else sensing a pattern? It must be the winter ‘fog’. I’m craving tea like nobodies business.

Tonight’s Tea : Green Ginger Anise with a Twist

When it comes to tea…citrus is to the taste as the strokes are to a Picasso…you just can’t get it wrong.


The ingredients here are simple….

  • green ginger tea or green tea with a pinch of ginger
  • lime
  • lemon
  • star anise
  • water…duh

I prefer to fill my cup with the fruit first, throw in the tea and slowly pour my hot water over the tea bag. Of course…I also think food is art and playing with my food is my favorite past time…. so if you’d prefer to steep the tea first (as many a tea maker has suggested) , then add the fruit, that will work too.


Tea has an endless supply of blank canvas’. I could keep myself busy for days, just playing with the flavors. Adding turmeric and blueberries is another favorite of mine. Maybe a fresh lavender stem….the inspiration is infinite…everything from the weather to the color of the family feline (in my case…she’s a brown tabby…and she’s a PILL!….maybe something bitter?!)

And be sure to pour an extra cup….bright shiny colors seem to attract children….hmmmm….strange.


In any case, as always, feel free to tweak! The beauty and the flavor are in the belly of the beholder…..


7 thoughts on “Green Ginger Anise with a Twist

  1. I think that’s what it is for me. I actually am not huge on eating in general. It requires a lot of extra energy to chew …and time ! LOL But I am completely taken with the ‘design’ of it. I honestly like to ‘play’ with the food! LOL And I’m more of a veggie eater, however, the kids prefer meat every now and then. That’s why I tend to put a lot of fruit and veggies on the main dishes. I eat those and everyone else eats the meats 😀

  2. Wow! Could we be the same person? I say this every day, and people don’t believe me. I just love putting veggies in a blender and pressing, “puree”. I have gluten and wheat intolerance so it’s extra extra time and energy.

  3. Yes! I’ve tried to explain it to people, but they just don’t get it. I eat purely for need. Like in the winter, I’ll eat something with vitamin D or what not. Otherwise, I could honestly forget it. I actually have forgotten to eat a few times. I’m reminded when I get to that light headed faze. I can cook all day long, but eating seems so time consuming. I use a nutribullet a lot. I just throw in whatever nutrients are required for the day. But since I started doing mainly recipes, it’s helped a little. Today I was eating those brussel sprouts like there was no tomorrow. And that’s good for the day. I think I eat for ‘fuel’ and cook for ‘fun’. hehe

  4. You amaze me. I totally get it. I’ve just got them lined up: AM and PM. I have the same thing, and because I eat for fuel, I pay attention to nutrition more than most people. Cooking is fun, too. I wish I had as much time as you do, to enjoy it. I also enjoy things vicariously, so thank you for doing this. Big, warm, lemony hugs. xoxoxo SB


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