Valentine’s ‘Buckeyes’

This has been quite the experiment with chocolates. They are meant to be Valentine’s Buckeyes, however: the ‘loving’ family I created them for,  is now calling them  ‘Diabetes Balls’….ok…maybe I added a bit much confectioner’s sugar….


The Buckeye Center (I refer to them as Buckeyes, do to the fact,  that it’s the basic buckeye center that is used here).

1 c. peanut butter

1 1/2 c. confectioner’s sugar (ok…I may have added a  full cup…I’m crazy like that)

1/2 c. butter

white chocolate wafers

red chocolate wafers

(side note: the wafers are, in hindsight, MUCH sweeter then the 12 ounces of semi-sweet chips that the buckeye recipe typically calls for).


First I made the peanut butter balls and placed them on a buttered cookie sheet.

MIX: peanut butter, butter and sugar. Roll into balls…you can use the sugar to dust your hands as well. It can get a bit sticky.


I placed them to set for a good 20 minutes. In the meantime, I melted the chocolates. Using a double boiler, I started with the red. Once the peanut butter balls were soft, but well molded, I rolled them around in the red chocolate for only a COUPLE SECONDS! Any longer, the peanut butter balls will melt. Each one was then placed back on the buttered cookie sheet. Then I placed them all in the freezer. After rinsing out the double boiler, I melted the white chocolate. Then I pulled out the hard set balls .  (It only takes a couple minutes in the freezer to set the chocolate). With a spoon, I drizzled my way into Valentines Abstract Art….


Again, the tray went back into the freezer for about five minutes….


And voila! Sweets for the Sweet!

Happy Snacking…And For The Love Of All That’s Holy….Make Darn Sure You Have Milk In The House  PRIOR To Making This Recipe! (And maybe a toothbrush…)


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s ‘Buckeyes’

  1. There’s an idea. The wafers are sooooo sweet. So far, I can only eat half of one. But I don’t really eat a lot of sweets. My husband does however. Thanks for the tip 😉 I’ll try it. I like regular dark or semi-sweet.


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