Nut Job Salad

The recipe? Just run your cart through the produce isle…


Maybe a short walk through the cheese isle. Then go ahead and pack a suitcase for the nut isle.

Greens may ‘seem’ simple, but actually…there’s nothing simple about them. Every line, every wrinkle…..grown over time, watered, tended to in every way…they should be a staple in every home. We’re so quick to grab the sugar, the processed microwave ready...can’t even pronounce half the crap in it….why? I’m told “it’s the cost”...ummmm no.

I’ve spent 65$ on produce and FILLED my cart to the brim. Produce is not expensive. Find the right market and I’m  good to go. Take the Cleveland West Side Market, I  go there after two and the vendors are begging me to take the stuff. They get a new delivery daily and they HAVE to sell it quick! I’ve paid 1$ for 8 ears of corn….much cheaper then a bag of cheetos.

Just today, we stopped at Giant Eagle and BJ’s WholeSale…..

Fresh strawberries?

On sale for 2.50$ ,

Chobani Yogurt? 4$,

Milk (currently on sale for 2/5$ ( 2.50$ per gallon) at GE.

All of those things together will make 10-12 Smooothies for 9$…. divided by 10 smoothies….

=.90 per smoothie.

Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, the local Milk-Shake Hut, whatever the heck, it’s loaded with sugar, processed garbage etc…what? 3-5$ a shake? Yeah…I don’t buy the whole “processed is cheaper” line of bull…

(And now that I’m done ranting….)


dandelion greens




baby beet greens

red oak leaf

onions (white or red)

apples (peeled and cubed)


mozzarella balls

yogurt covered raisins






flax seed

sliced lemon

I would imagine lobster, crab, salmon….any of those would be a lovely way to make a “Dory Nut Job Salad”…get it? ‘ Finding Nemo’ ? Dory is a nut job fishy?? hehehe…just a small pun.

Anyhoo…remember….the flavor is in the belly of the beholder. Feel free to tweak. Happy Snacking!


3 thoughts on “Nut Job Salad

  1. LOL….I’ve honestly tried just about everything there is on salad. For some it may take some getting used to, if they don’t like mixed textures. But the flavor of fruit, veggies and nuts….it’s amazing. And there’s something about the visual appeal, that makes it even better 😀


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