First Signs Of Spring! 60 Degrees….Love It!

Finally…a warm day. Lil T stayed home today, due to a puffy face and dental issues. Don’t worry, he’s fine. Tooth comes out on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, we took Milo for a walk….

11073321_919623534738761_1903901157622882081_n 10599651_919623761405405_6835854731850537258_n 11054414_919625668071881_8527533035237051579_n 11062416_919624161405365_4752711854128751817_n 11071411_919625171405264_4879108589271578805_n

There’s just  something about the yearly warm up. Can’t you feel it? Hope, inspiration, promises and a sea of adventure that’s  just over the horizon.  And of course, my second favorite hobby…gardening. I’m looking forward to turning the mess in my backyard, into a blooming edible paradise.  When this….


Becomes this….

10450559_767812939919822_7179832013073811876_n 10489632_770811532953296_6378205409997035241_n 10509768_770811719619944_9198541104254388875_n 10426569_770811659619950_3343519401458693550_n10455332_767821426585640_7106131978660835359_n10492375_770935716274211_3941476311793507976_n

fennel all


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