Ravings of a tea hugger…



I’m a huge tea hugger! I’ve tried tea after tea…after tea…. There’s just something about tea. I think it’s the ‘possibilities’. Plants are mother nature’s paint brushes, the emotions invoked are the strokes and the human mind is the canvas. You know how a scent can trigger a memory? Having grown my own chamomile for years now, chamomile tea triggers a flood of tiny snap shots. Spring seeding, the children screaming as they jump through the sprinkler, Miss. Kitty shading herself below the cabbage heads….tea has that power over me.

Last summer,  I spent endless hours perfecting dandelion tea. My other addiction, being the library, led me to a rather large collection of books on edible weeds. The countless dollars spent poisoning those darn things….who knew? They’re edible. And I’ve tried just about every plant concoction on the planet. I’ve had snap dragons on my salad…slightly bitter, but that particular…

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