Milo and Pepper

Just for giggles and a pick me up….without further delay…Miss. Pepper, otherwise known as: Pepsi, Pippa, the Pill and Chocolate Thundaaaaa…… And Milo, otherwise known as: Baby, Infant, Child and Beggar

12001045_1020510267983420_2390757487408738578_o (1)

We found Minion Doggie Cookies at Pet Supllies 😀

12027326_1020597814641332_1540886782628207325_o 11222560_1020597901307990_5502714334690490076_o 11045465_1019841151383665_8103064820374822605_o (1) 12029725_1019843124716801_8202515608657175584_o (1) 11227787_1019843818050065_3479989208705024230_o 12002583_1019844458050001_5653629198615627855_o 11952697_1019847764716337_2464333139765142439_o 12034408_1020192364681877_7795750476556903903_o 11224787_1020498994651214_5440882160659204196_o (1)



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