Kolrabi and Portobello with Artichoke Bruschetta

I’m sort of on a deadline here, simply because life happened (and I’m not going to lie, I want to finish my salad). So I’m going to try and simplify this one as much as possible. Most of my followers are generally foodies as well, so I’m going to take that to mean, no real explanation of the ingredients is needed. And well….we all know that I’m a photo fanatic….honestly, I take enough pictures, to write a novel with zero actual text.

So without further delay, here’s the basic grocery list for this amazingly beautiful salad….

  • portobello mushrooms
  • leeks
  • tomato
  • turnips (shredded)
  • kohlrabi (shredded…a cheese grater will do)
  • flaxseed (ground in a coffee grinder to aid in digestion)
  • thinly sliced roast beef (optional if you’re strictly vegetarian)
  • artichoke bruschetta (store bought of homemade)
  • fire roasted peppers (from the jar)

Step by step pictures

12027373_1024022867632160_3577457461819321958_o 12045282_1024023070965473_4953452933011822078_o 12031583_1024023254298788_2771963959689603670_o 11999774_1024023420965438_593441813332906086_o 12045754_1024023547632092_6779425564902351966_o

12022598_1024023680965412_6896237327554494053_oPortobello Kohlrabie and Artichoke Bruschetta homefreekids.com

As always, the flavor is in the palette of the chef, so feel free to tweek.




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