For Corky…I know I promised you a day….

I know I promised you a day…I know I have to work tonight….and my schedule last week was rather hectic….I know I stayed home for fourteen years and the change has been a little hard….I know we used to have all the time in world…and I probably squandered a majority…as they say, the grass is always greener…I know that now I have to try my best to squeeze in the time that I used to have in spades.

So here’s what we did today…


We went to the craftstore…as we usually do….


We played in the jewelry isle…(after I made you dig through everything blue in Christmas isle…thank you for that)


We found some nifty beads and kits….


We even found music note charms….


Then we had sandwiches…which you refused to eat, but you did like the Cool Ranch Doritos…And then we tinkered with the beads….


And while I have to work now…I think the coolest thing about the craft of the day, you chose…is knowing that every time you wear them….you’re wearing ‘our time’….Thanks for hanging out with me today….Love Mom


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