His Painting

He finally finished. I posted last week about giving him his first large canvas. It took him a bit. But he has poured his heart, soul and mind into this lovely picture.

Initially, it started with the birds. Then the shark. Followed by  the abstract idea of a brilliant red tunnel slide, jetting into the ocean. To add emotion, he created a storm.


His painting is very thought provoking. There are multiple ways to interpret the grand design. Two simple birds, sitting on a perch, surrounded by an ocean. They’re seemingly oblivious to the danger below. With a storm kicking up, the eager predator is circling beneath….waiting to swallow them whole. And what of the tunnel? Humans sliding elegantly between both worlds.   Walking a line between eminent thrilling danger and a brilliant soulful beauty.

Again… his painting  could be interpreted in so many ways. But if you ask him….“I just like sharks and birds”.



8 thoughts on “His Painting

  1. Wow.! What a beautiful painting.!! It would be interesting to know what he was thinking subconsciously or is it really just a conscious “this is what I life.” Thank you for the blog follow too 🙂

  2. Thank you. I told him the same thing. I like the shark. It makes sense for him. All the times I’ve made him veg on the couch and watch shark week…. Oh my. Lol

  3. I have a friend whose daughter is really into sharks and watches shark week too.! Me…sharks make me run and hide.! Lol..

  4. Thank you dvaal. I meant to comment last night, but we were photographing bridges. I’m trying to get the kids to use multiple mediums of expressions. 😀 I crashed. We were so tired after that. My daughter is the gutsy one. She kept wanting to hop fences and photograph school bleachers. I kept trying to explain the concept of arrest due to trespassing! LMAO

  5. Please call me Dee. Your daughter sounds like a fun child to hang with. My girls are 14 now, and spending time with them is getting to be scarce.


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