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His Painting

He finally finished. I posted last week about giving him his first large canvas. It took him a bit. But he has poured his heart, soul and mind into this lovely picture.

Initially, it started with the birds. Then the shark. Followed by  the abstract idea of a brilliant red tunnel slide, jetting into the ocean. To add emotion, he created a storm.


His painting is very thought provoking. There are multiple ways to interpret the grand design. Two simple birds, sitting on a perch, surrounded by an ocean. They’re seemingly oblivious to the danger below. With a storm kicking up, the eager predator is circling beneath….waiting to swallow them whole. And what of the tunnel? Humans sliding elegantly between both worlds.   Walking a line between eminent thrilling danger and a brilliant soulful beauty.

Again… his painting  could be interpreted in so many ways. But if you ask him….“I just like sharks and birds”.


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Simmering Chicken Marinade and a Veggie Side: All-In-One

Marinade always seems to taste better, the deeper it penetrates the food. So it stands to reason, simmering helps to permeate every little poultry pore, when it comes to chicken.

Step 1: Add chicken bits (legs, thighs, etc…), to a large pot. 


Step 2: Add some pepper blend…


Step 3: Toss in some turmeric…


Step 4: How about some whole sweet peppers?


Step 5: Maybe a touch of garlic…


Step 6: We’re on a roll! Pop in some capers…


Step 7: And my favorite…Apple Cider Vinegar…


Allow the marinade to simmer, and prepare the vegetables….


Parsnips, Sprouts and Red Onion! Mmmm…..

Simmer the veggies in a separate pot…


After thoroughly simmering the chicken bits, drain the fluid, keeping the sweet peppers and tiny bits. Throw it all in a roaster…don’t forget to put the rack in, for proper drainage….


Then add your simmered veggies.


Drizzle some teriyaki ….


Set to 350 and bake till chicken is done. (Keep a lid on the roaster, for optimum juiciness).


And go nuts! I’m not gonna lie…this meal was fabulous!



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Baking with a Convection Oven

We recently purchased a convection oven and just for the sheer blissful hell  of it, I thought I’d bake a cake…


Yes…that’s a lovely dripping marshmallow topping…..

And here’s the steps… in pictures…..











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Calamari Wontons

Calamari Wontons: Perfect for fall days, when the beach is a thing of the past…

Using sweet, spice and a touch bitter….the taste buds simply explode.


  • Calamari
  • Feta Cheese
  • Kale
  • Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Bok Choy
  • Daikon (optional)

Start by preparing the Calamari. Thaw and dice.


And prepare the Kale,Bok Choy,  Daikon and Feta….by dicing. I find a cheese grater is fabulous for Daikon.


Using melted butter, coat and smooth out the wonton wraps.


Spreading out one of the wraps, add a pinch of the veggies, cheese and Calamari….


Using the butter to seal the edges, gently fold the wonton….


Place on an oiled cookie sheet (I prefer coconut oil)…


Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes….


And serve with : Parsnips, Red Onions and  Sweet Peppers

11049506_1050236415010805_4106288755923843850_n 12243477_1050236521677461_5863378187781064997_n


As always, feel free to modify…

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My heart lies somewhere in my veggie patch…..

What with all the lovely rain, flooding and overall wacky weather in my neck of the woods, my garden has really taken off. The only bad part is, it’s so dang hot! I really need to get on the weeds, but I fear I shall melt!

Last year, I decided to pull all my Holly bushes, among other things, and slowly make the transition to an edible lanscape.


Of course, dill being dill…it has taken center stage along the side of the house. And the smell is fantastic!


And of course, an herb garden would be incomplete without chamomile.

19409_972640986103682_6992631101704404031_n 11138078_972642036103577_8864245285999331339_n

Cabbage and green beans….and so far, the rabbits are leaving them alone….although, I’m pretty sure they’re tormenting my neighbor.


Of course, no meal is complete without Sweet Basil!

This year, my strawberries have taken off as well! I’m pleasantly suprised! It took three years to get that plant to establish itself. But I think it’s due to the fact, I removed a shrub that was seriously bilking the sun.


(Again, and I believe I did do a review on it, but I’m still using an HTC phone for the pictures…so…they’re washed out and rather bland. You really can’t beat the iPhone when it comes to photos in a pinch. However, for the time being I’m staying with the HTC. )

And here’s just a few more snap shots….

11390103_963293457038435_4215178689017229851_n 11113018_963293860371728_7983599390234696565_n 11428051_963293807038400_2702905021463615412_n

Once I start harvesting (and I really can’t wait for the peas!)….I’ll have some new recipes to go along with my new edible landscape.

~ A great tea…..chamomile and mint leaves 😉

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Between Legos and LOLs


“What’s a conundrum?” …..”ummmm, ask your sister“.


So my youngest turned 10 this past December. He’s in that ‘inbetween’ world. The one where fantasy begins to slowly slip away into reality. Mind you, there’s still plenty of fantasy….but not quite as much. I’d say around a 10% decrease in the past year. Functioning at a good 90% and still roaming the maze in ‘the Labyrinth’, along with Sting (yes…I’m that old), my son still clings to his childhood. And somewhere between legos and trading lols with his bff, there’s a tiny glimpse into his future…lurking…..

For quite some time, I’ve been quite aware of his ‘all boy’ psyche. Caution to the wind, shoes unlaced, to heck with the proper safety gear, ‘Mom, you’re paranoid!’, ‘this is gonna be AWESOME!’, ‘Mom…has anyone ever died skydiving with an umbrella?’, barreling full speed ahead, who really needs bones anyway? and…

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