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Dropshipping : Common Mistakes and Misconceptions

First off, let me start by saying that I do not drop ship. However, I have researched the whole concept heavily over the past three years. I’ve even ordered a few products via China and India suppliers, to better understand the process. And I’ll let you know how those orders worked out later in the article.

For those who don’t know what drop shipping is:

  1. The Seller (you), opens an online store with zero stock.
  2.  The Buyer makes a purchase via the online store. For the purposes of this article, we’ll say it’s a watch.
  3.  The Seller then goes to their Supplier and purchases the watch at wholesale pricing, selling the watch to the Buyer at a retail price.
  4. The Supplier ships the product directly to the Buyer. 
  5. The Supplier gets the money for the item and the Seller keeps the difference as a profit.

Essentially, the Supplier produces the goods and  the Seller is the advertiser . And basically, that’s what a physical store is. They buy stuff at wholesale and sell it to you at retail. They spend endless hours and big bucks on the advertising process. How many times in a two hour period, in the middle of December…do you see a Target commercial? That’s how they make a profit. The store does the leg work for the supplier or manufacturer.

Online shopping is a fast growing marketing giant. So much so,  that many stores have chosen to close their doors and only deal in online shopping. For instance K-Mart closed their doors in my location, however they still have an online store. They found their drop in sales (do to online competition), wasn’t worth keeping the lights on.

And honestly….I’m an online shopper junkie! Especially around the holidays. I hate fighting for traffic spots and finding a scratch on my car because someone just tossed their cart.   I’m sick of going to stores that have twenty-six lanes but only two cashiers. Add  the frustration of buying one item and getting stuck behind someone stocking up for the apocalypse with 5000 coupons in hand…..ugh.

But what does all this mean? Is the Buyer getting shafted?

Short Answer: Not Really.

Long Answer: It’s a society driven market. The consumers are running the show based on supply and demand. If you’ve ever bought a pair of LeBrons for your kid’s feet….you already know you’re paying for a label, but believe it or not the quality is decent too. LeBron doesn’t physically sit down and craft all of those shoes, but his name sells product.  He’s a basketball player…not a factory worker. And he’s not gonna slap his name on junk.

Virtually every name brand item that you purchase, is the purchase of a label….a name. But name brand items tend to be made better because more people are buying those items allowing for better quality ingredients or materials, to go into the item’s production.  And then the cycle repeats. The difference in the comfort level, fit and design of a pair of Walmart sneakers verses a pair of LeBrons is hands down not even a comparison. Walmart’s sneakers suck. And have you ever tried their dress shoes?

True story. My daughter had less then an hour to get to a band concert. The requirement for her concerts always include  a pair of slip on black dress shoes. So I ran into Walmart and grabbed a pair of size 8 women’s slip on dress shoes.  Huge mistake. They fell off  her feet the whole night.  And not because of size, but because of how they were made. The heel was too wide and the toe too narrow. The shoddy seams within the shoes, wore at her skin throughout the four hour concert. She was miserable and bleeding the whole night. Never…again. 

So how is it worth it for the buyer to pay more for the product, then it’s actual wholesale value?

Well, technically it’s that cycle I mentioned. They pay for someone else to do the research and ensure the quality. The more buyers that purchase any one product equals more revenue.  This means  better quality materials to go into the making of said products thus ensuring decent products. This often happens with huge brands. The buyer is counting on the store and the brand, to provide quality. If they bought directly from Aliexpress for all their needs, often they’d get junk that’s not worth returning for the refund. That’s where knowing your supplier comes in to play. Keep in mind, due to overseas suppliers not having the same safety standards, that shampoo they ordered direct from alibaba, may include banned toxic chemicals.

Dropshipping comes in to play, when the supplier wants to move their goods,  and needs someone to advertise their product. The manufacturer/supplier cuts out the cost of advertising, buy selling at wholesale to a dropshipping seller. The seller’s job is to advertise the product. That’s how they make money. If they can’t get anyone to buy the item, they don’t make a dime. The difference is…a physical store has to buy the item up front. A seller using dropshipping, does not.

Social Media has fast become the best way to advertise a product…free of charge. And it’s simple to do. I worked for a company a few years back. I spent most of my day running multiple social media accounts, mail subscription lists and print ads. I also designed their website. The beauty part was, I was able to do it all via my cell phone while hanging out with my kids. The down side was…constantly being on my phone! I wasn’t ‘present’ in the moment. I could be sitting on a cruise ship trying to enjoy the sun on the deck, but stuck staring at my phone screen. But that’s  a whole other article.

The pitfalls of dropshipping are vast. So you have to know your supplier. That is crucial. One of the most common mistakes I have seen, are new sellers who are using an overseas supplier via alibaba, aliexpress or some other overseas company. What they don’t take into account when they are just beginning, is quality and shipping times. Those two things can utterly destroy a newly made Amazon account before it even gets off the ground. They also don’t realize that most of the suppliers on those sites, are running their own Amazon accounts and sending out the better quality products from the line… for cheaper prices. Essentially, the seller is  being undercut by their own supplier.

Have you ever purchased from an online store, only to receive the item a month or more down the road? Odds are your seller was dropshipping from China. They didn’t physically have the item. It probably wasn’t even in the country.  If the listed shipping time is twelve to thirty days, the item is somewhere overseas.

The other problem is packaging. I’ve ordered a few items from aliexpress over the past year. But I didn’t mind the wait for most of them. I knew up front. The problem I had, was with the packaging . Some stuff showed up broken, some things didn’t arrive and some things went well past that thirty days.  However…keep in mind, the items are coming from across the globe.

I ordered a cat purse for my daughter. She’s into SteamPunk stuff. I also ordered SteamPunk sunglasses. The glasses came quickly, but the purse overshot her birthday by two months. So imagine you are running an Amazon store and your buyer gets their product two months late? Yeah…that won’t fly. Plus Amazon will eventually shut you down. They are running their own brand after all. It’s not good for business to have sellers who can’t get items to their buyers quickly.

For the purposes of this article, I’m going to show you my recent Aliexpress purchases and their wait times.

This my dashboard. It shows the amount of items ordered, the amount shipped and the amount waiting to be shipped….


All of the items were ordered on the same day. Only 9 have been shipped. 1 is awaiting shipment. That item was ordered last Wednesday. So that would be 6 days ago. But they’re processing time still allows for another 2 days. That means it doesn’t even have to leave the factory for another 2 days.


In the past, I’ve dealt with purchases where the supplier had 59 days to process (meaning before the order even gets filled. And it doesn’t even leave the factory until after that) . It just depends.

Now once it’s shipped, you’ll find it can be a month or more before it even makes it to the buyer.

I ordered 9 pairs of Nike earbuds.


Here’s a close up…..


Now look at where my items are…


They haven’t even left the country of origin. To be clear…I’m on the north/east coast of the USA. They’re coming from China.  Yep…it’ll be a while. On the other hand, sometimes the tracking numbers aren’t actually accurate. They could be at my door and the number will state the earbuds are still in China.

Now here’s another annoying yet true fact to dropshipping overseas. Shipping costs and customs. OH BOY!

So those Nike earbuds actually have 60 days for the delivery to be considered on time. I know right? Ok…I hope I’m not boring you guys, because this part could take a while.

Here’s the suppliers ad. Notice the shipping time for the free shipping option. It says 20-39 days as an estimation time, but then below under the ‘Seller Guarantees: On-Time Delivery- 60 days.

long ship.jpg

Well, if you’re selling on Amazon….that flat out won’t work. So as a seller, you check the options for a quicker ship time. And here’s the result….



Yeah…I laughed too.  57-72$ ??? Nike earbuds aren’t worth it…especially knock-offs. So you’re probably thinking at those prices, you’ll just buy up front, wait a few months and put them on Amazon with the USA as the country of origin. You could…but the problem is, Amazon is saturated with items like this and the China supplier is more then likely selling the items on Amazon at a much lower price then you could. As for the Nike earbuds, it’s forbidden on Amazon unless you have permission from Nike. And again…the sets on Aliexpress aren’t legit. Nike would never allow it.

Another option sellers look at, is a niche market . One that isn’t saturating Amazon or Ebay. Like fishing gear….it’s hobby orientated. Hobby oriented items make sense because: Not everyone fishes, but everyone who fishes needs a fishing pole.


Problem is the mainland at this point. Let’s say you buy that $90 reel. The second the buyer makes that purchase, they become an importer that is liable for duty and VAT payments. 

What that means is, different countries have different tax rates etc… Big Bro always gets their cut…no matter the country. For some countries, it’s $50 purchase or more. For others it’s weight and even others, it’s just because the government…is a dick.  It just depends on where your buyer is located. They could wind up being told by customs, that in order to get that rod, they’re required to pay out an additional couple hundred bucks just to get it out of the customs hold. On top of that, alibaba (another branch off of aliexpress), can’t even get a lot of the products to the buyer. The product  stops at the coast. It becomes the buyers job to then ship the item from the coast to home, out of their own pockets. And just like that, they’ll drop that fishing habit quick as a wink. They’ll also report you to Amazon, Ebay or the Better Business Bureau.

Again, I cannot stress enough…do the research prior to jumping! 

I did find a few Aliexpress suppliers that were actually great. I ordered small items, to avoid issues with customs.

Aliexpress Suppliers I would recommend based on my own experience: (my experience only includes LOW WEIGHT ITEMS and NO ELECTRONICS…I haven’t got those earbuds yet, so I’ll let you know). 

The first was 77 Fashion. I ordered a small decorative watch. There were zero issues and it came within two weeks. It’s my favorite piece of jewelry.


The next is Love Eternal.  I ordered this bracelet. It also arrived at a decent time frame. Maybe 3 weeks. I love it and the quality is good. ertewrt.JPG

Another is Fashion Leader.  They were very kind and kept in touch, the  order was shipped as pictured and I believe that one took three weeks. I actually bought two of them. dfghdfgh.JPG

And those Steampunk glasses that came quickly? They came from: HD Crafter

Here’s what they looked like…and yes, everything pictured arrived safely.


It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. I got lucky with these specific suppliers, but there were many that weren’t great. It pays to buy up front. But that’s not what dropshipping is. Dropshipping is paying no money up front. And I knew the ship time and was willing to wait. An Amazon buyer, wants their item now. There are a million other sellers that can offer them 2 day shipping. How many times have you started ordering Christmas gifts one month prior? Try that with a product that isn’t located within your country…eek! 

Oh…and the difference between Alibaba and Aliexpress, is Aliexpress allows you to buy ONE item and ships to your door depending on the item. Alibaba requires BULK. And ships to the nearest coast. The delivery to the door, is on you. And returns are insane. It can take months to replace an item, that the buyer already waited a long time to get.  

One option to combat and completely circumvent that whole drama…

…is to use a ‘country of shipping origin’ dropshipping company. For the purpose of this article I’ll us my own, the USA. Believe it or not, there are local dropshipping companies here in the US. Also for the purpose of this article, I’ll be talking about Trademark Global. Reason being…I’ve been in the warehouse, I know how it works and can therefore use first person experience rather then internet quotes.

Their websites: Trademark Global and Trademarkcommerce can provide even more info.

Trademark is a USA based supplier. I know that if I dropship via Trademark, my items will be shipped from the US. The product is here in the country.  And how it works is similar to overseas companies. They have a list of items that they have for you  (the seller) to dropship to your buyer. They sell at wholesale, then you sell at retail. Your job is to advertise the product and sell it. They’re job is to provide the product. You keep the difference for advertising and selling the product. That is the very definition of a dropshipping seller. And just like overseas companies, Trademark doesn’t require you to buy all of their products in bulk and store them in your living room. Again, they actually have the product in the building at the Trademark warehouse.  They get paid, when you do. Plus, it’s simple to return the item to the warehouse and get a new one or a refund. They can even include return shipping labels in the packaging. You decide what  or if any, documents you want shipped with the package.  Do you want a packaging sheet with your stores name enclosed? Maybe a coupon off their next purchase? Trademark does that for you. To repeat (because clearly I’m repetition obsessed), here’s how it works.

  1. You search the Trademark Global catalog and pick an item.
  2. You post your item, description and your selling cost on Amazon or wherever.
  3. A buyer purchases the item from you, at retail.
  4. You then buy the item from Trademark, at wholesale. (So if it doesn’t sell, you aren’t stuck with an item…nor did you pay out of pocket).
  5. Trademark locates the item in their warehouse, packages and ships it off to the buyer.
  6. You keep the difference. Transaction complete.

No customs for USA buyers and no insane shipping costs. Plus FED EX or UPS can get it there quickly. That pretty much guarantees returning customers. The alternative (waiting over a month for an item), pretty much guarantees you will lose customers.

Again… I cannot stress enough the need to research your supplier, the product and customs laws prior to jumping into dropshipping via an overseas supplier. It’s all fun and games until someone loses money or product. Or gets hurt. That’s a big one. There is a reason why we have safety standards here in the US.  To be a successful business, you have to be reputable, on time and know your own products.

Another tip: Always test your product, no matter where its from. Buy one for yourself. Physically look at the item in person. I can’t tell you how many times I have ordered a product online ; only to get a cheap material, shoddy build, distorted colors, etc… Photoshop can make any suppliers item look bloody fantastic. And if you sell a toy to a parent here in the States, that doesn’t hold up to our safety regulations, you my friend…are screwed. And you’ll have zero local entities to blame, making you the fall-guy.

Local dropshipping companies, have already passed US inspection. For instance Trademark Global sells this game. We know it’s safe to sell, as the product is on site and approved.


Prime example of item not as portrayed: Here’s an item I bought from Aliexpress (their photo on the left). On the right is me. What you don’t see is the sizes. I weigh maybe 120 lbs. I’m 5’7″. I had to buy an XXL. Get it? The small or medium wouldn’t fit my Cocker Spaniel. And notice the color difference. I didn’t use photoshop, so guess who did? And the picture on the left is the one you would be re-posting on Amazon in order to dropship that dress. Fortunately, I paid maybe 3$. If you had sold this to me on Amazon at 30$, I’d be requesting a full refund and posting negative feedback.  (That reminds me….it’s virtually impossible to return anything overseas, without taking out a second mortgage).


And quite frankly, that’s what the buyer is paying retail for. They’re paying for the item,  safe in the knowledge that you did the research for them. They know you aren’t at home building iPhones. They know you aren’t the manufacturer. You are the store. You pick products for your store, just like Target does. And just like Target, they expect you to know your inventory. They expect that you will have picked decent products. If you don’t know your product, or cannot ship in a timely manner, or ship broken items from overseas that took two months to arrive, or sell cheap poorly made items and the buyer has to pay for customs…your business will fail.

So anyway, that’s dropshipping in a nutshell. As I said, I don’t dropship.  But I do enjoy research. And the more something starts to flood the internet, the more my curiosity takes on a life of it’s own. I’ve considered dropshipping, but I’m one of those people that needs to look before I leap. Plus I flat out like to argue. And I can’t debate a topic prior to knowing what the hell I’m ranting about. Yes…we all know I like to rant.

On a side note: As a country it’s true we’ve lost quite a bit of our manufacturing to overseas manufacturing. One thing to consider is that using a USA dropshipping company, actually employees US citizens. It takes a lot of workers to pick, package and ship. Trademark Global’s existence in Lorain, put a lot of unemployed people to work.

I had written an article a while back . Lorain, Ohio: Let’s Play the Blame Game

Now here’s where it gets interesting…

Many of the items now manufactured overseas, are items that while in the manufacturing stage (such as plastic components) …have cancer causing chemicals. If you read the article in my link above, I’m not sure if I posted it or not, but you’ll see my father worked at the shipyard. What you don’t know, my father was one of the many of the workers who later developed mesothelioma. So yeah…he was  employed by the shipyard and lost his job when it shut down…his job that was killing him. And he’s not the only one.

Many of our lost industries were moved overseas  due to our country becoming more regulated safety wise. The assumption has been made that all of the industries left due to cheaper production overseas. But there’s actually more to it then that. Many overseas countries are  less regulated when it comes to their workers. And yes that is sad. Pathetic actually. I don’t think anyone disputes the poor working conditions that do exist across the globe. And no…I personally do not agree with anyone being exposed to harmful substances without the proper gear.

That being said, some of those countries are growing by leaps and bounds financially, thereby increasing better conditions for their workers. I can’t just blanket statement that they all suck. I haven’t been there to tour the factories.

In order for the US to make the same products, the cost would be massive. You wouldn’t be able to afford the resulting products, because the parts required to make them just wouldn’t be possible to create, under our existing safety standards. For instance, a factory worker here may be required to wear a fully functional safety suit or special mask. And where are the parts from the mask going to be made? How much are they per employee? What about the exposure to skin? Better buy a suit too. And some stuff, we are flat out not allowed to make.  Businesses also don’t want to be subjected to the resulting class action suit that will eventually happen, when their workers start dropping from cancer. By law in the US, we simply are unable to produce many of the items that are made overseas. We have many products on the planet, that were created by using ingredients that were dangerous during the ‘chemical reaction’ stage, but rendered harmless once that stage was over. It’s basic chemistry. And it’s that danger during creation, that our laws are based on. Here’s a link to OSHA if you want more info. OSHA  If you’re considering dropshipping items that are not located within your country of origin, make sure they can pass inspection at customs prior to posting the product. You would be amazed at how much stuff cannot.


But here’s the issue. Consumers decide the product, not the manufacturer. It’s a supply and demand world. How pissed would you be if you were having a heart attack and the docs couldn’t help? Because here in the states we legally cannot expose workers to certain chemicals needed to mold that specific component required to save you.

Below is a pic of a  part required for an EKG machine. This is just an example. We may actually be able to make it. But I went ahead and chose GE, an ‘American Made’ company, that I would like to buy the part from.


Now let’s go to GE’s website:


And here’s the link to the photo above, so you can see for yourself….seriously…I can’t make this stuff up. GE American Made

Their parts are not all American made. The reason the parts cost more to make here, is due to our safety standards for factory workers.  It would cost a company more to ensure the safety of their workers. We don’t want to get sick making the parts, but we still need the item to keep our health. It’s a catch 22.  Let’s face it…we already pay an ass-load for healthcare. I still haven’t been able to speak out loud my out of pocket expenses after my son was hurt. And I have Blue-Cross. Can you imagine how high they would be if the machines required to save him, required parts that were triple the cost of what they are now? In this example…an EKG machine. And as far as the factory jobs lost…the workers wouldn’t make enough to offset the increased prices anyway. Believe me, I know it sucks. But it’s a cycle, we currently have no solution for it. Do we dump our safety standards and create more workers with mesothelioma, like my dad? Or do we provide more jobs, by opening the distribution field.  There’s a fiberglass factory in Elyria, paying 9$ an hour. You think those employees could afford a more expensive EKG machine? And they’re employed factory workers here in the States. That’s their income. Still miss those jobs? (Go to college kids!) Only the higher-ups make more then that. How screwed would they be if their deductible was 800$ to walk into an ER, vs the already sucky 250$? Assuming they have benefits. And for the record…they offered me a job, which I declined, after they told me in full disclosure I would be exposed to hazardous cancer causing chemicals.  (I’m going with my own deductible as an example. I have no idea what the costs are for other insurance companies).

While we can’t make the part, we can still house the parts in the USA and create jobs via distribution companies. Trademark Global did just that. They employ hundreds of Lorain residents. So keep that in mind.

In closing, dropshipping can be a very lucrative business. But it can make or break you in a second.

  • Be careful who you choose as a supplier
  • Know your product
  • Know the customs laws
  • Know your shipping times

I’ll be doing an article on Social Media Advertising at some point. Such as how to get followers quickly, what platforms to use, which email subscription company to use etc… And how to do it free.

I hope I covered most of the bases. And hey…I’ll let you guys know how those earbuds buds work…if they ever get here.

UPDATE: The Earbuds Arrived! 


The Aliexpress Seller  is GUOHE SHOP

They work perfectly.

Order time & date: 03:50 Jun. 22 2017 Arrival 6/30/2017…so 8 days for delivery. Not bad at all! I have a new favorite seller. 

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DIY Pottery Barn Hacks

As much as I’d love to toss aside $50 like it’s nothing, I would be doing myself a huge disservice. I like Pottery Barn and IKEA as much as anyone else, but money is money. You’ll get it away from me, when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

You know what they say: Necessity is the mother of invention…or in the this case, ‘wanting’ and ‘frugality’. But before we go any further, I want to be clear…decorative items are just that…DECORATIVE. They serve a visual purpose only. I’ve often shook my head in disbelief at the large sums of money that people throw away to essentially STARE AT AN OBJECT! Appliances, bedding etc…of course, buy new and with a warranty. But to look at something across the room?! What a waste.

Here are a couple of items directly from the Pottery Barn website….

The vases above,  have the same appearance of candle holders glued to bowls. Obviously, their’s is one piece, but you can accomplish the same look for 2$ and some  hot glue. 



Admittedly, they are lovely…but  I’m cheap!

So here’s what I did for a Valentine’s theme vase.

Two Dollar Store vases
Glue the two vases together with hot glue.
Fill with Dollar Store fillers.


I also frequent local Thrift-Stores. Stay away from fabric items that can retain bed bugs. Everything else, you can scrub in the garage prior to entry. Bed bugs can also hide in the crevices of dressers. So be  wary. Those are items you have to bite the bullet on, but can often find fabulous sales if you do your homework.

Today’s find was just what I was looking for! Two tall candle sticks.


A side note: These candle holders were $1.40  each at the Thrift-Store.

Here’s the average price on Google’s Shop Search:

(Remember, it’s about the ‘look’. These are decorative items.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I sincerely believe…Hot Glue is the answer to all the world’s problems.


Have fun with it. Every now and then grab a couple items. Keep in mind your overall theme. And never pay full price. You’re paying for a label. I’ve never gone into someones home and started looking at the labels on the bottoms of their decor. Nobody does that, unless of course…they lack manners. (Or it’s your best friend, then by all means…share you money saving tips!)


Here was a fun one I did last night….Clearly I have Valentine’s Day on the brain. With this many hints literally right in front of him,  hopefully  my husband will remember it!

Recycled flower hanger
Hot glue and Dollar Store ribben


On a side note: Those adorable 3-D hearts, came from  Pat Catans. They were $2  and already had built in foam tape on their backs.

Most of us already own stuff that we can up-cycle or refurb. Take a look  around. What are you sick of looking?  Give it a fresh new look. And check out the Flea Markets, Thrift-Stores and Dollar Stores, before you spend your hard earned cash.

While I enjoy the look of the ladder, paying $249-$429 to enjoy the look of the ladder…is nuts. Buy some wood at Home Depot and knock yourself out. Obviously, they don’t need to be sturdy. They are decorative.



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Interior Design 2017 Color Trends

It’s that time of year. The New Year is upon us! For some of us, this means we’re buried neck deep in darkness, freezing temps and a strong need to create a positive atmosphere. The holidays are over (although we still have Valentines Day for all Pinterest lovers everywhere), and it’s time to settle in for the winter doom and gloom….or not.

Drawing on the Pantone Report, 2017 is guaranteed to be bright and vibrant. I sincerely hope that you  LOVE color!

*Links and credit included

Without further delay, here are the top picks for 2017 interior design and decor.











interior design colors for 2017


It doesn’t take a trained eye to notice the clean, eclectic, bright and yet classic pattern of 2017’s design trends.

I don’t know about you, my lovely reader, but I can craft and Pin with the best of them! Dollar stores, craft stores and thrift-stores can make this years interior design projects much less expensive. And when you create the design, it holds a much deeper meaning.  When you’re relaxing on the sofa enjoying your splendid handy-work, give yourself a pat on the back and stare in awe at your incredible artistic vision.

Currently I’m working on some Valentine’s goodies…that should keep me occupied for a while. Happy Bargain Hunting!

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etc. special things for special people

For the next month or so, I’ll be showcasing family-owned businesses and small business owners.

This is an effort to show the amazing creativity thought up and fully executed by some incredibly talented individuals. Owning a small business requires an artistic streak and a beautiful imagination. A small business holds the owner’s heart and soul. They’re giving us full access into their creative thought process every time we walk in the door.

Whether it’s a chef, a bar owner,  a photographer, a painter or a farmer, by owning a small business, they’re showing the world their canvas.

Small businesses tend to produce better products. Their name is on the business and they know it. They know the vast majority of the people who walk through the door. They maintain ongoing long lasting friendships with many of them. The sense of community in a family-owned business is very telling.

PLUS: Shopping local greatly increases town revenue which =more local jobs=local manufacturing=higher wages=more money for the consumer. 

The owners of local businesses are more likely to make darn sure they’re handing you a great meal, great service or strong long lasting products. 

Large corporation owned businesses, generally don’t have the same mindset. Just ask a cashier at a chain store (if you can find one), what a certain item does or where it’s made. Ask how long that item is said to last and who you can call when it breaks. Will the phone-call  require you to have your phone not only charged, but plugged in so it can outlast the wait time? Remember…  we get what we pay for. Saving to buy a sturdy item from a local business, is obviously better for our wallets. Being pulled in by dollar delights, means we generally just bought more junk. In no time at all, we’ll be running back to replace that same junk.

 So without further delay, let’s talk gift shops! 


Yes. That’s the name! etc. is a quaint family-owned gift shop, located in the heart of downtown Amherst, Ohio.

At first glance, this little shop is full of color and vibrancy. From clothing and accessories, to cards, gifts and decor, it’s honestly just chuck-full of fun! Personally, I’m rather fond of the jewelry. There are just so many unique and genuinely  creative items to choose from. You’re pretty much guaranteed to find a one-of-a-kind gift. And the vintage lovelies? Oh my! Of course, my readers know,  I have a thing for vintage decor and old-world style. And this place has plenty.

For those of us who love visuals, I’ve included some photos below:





For more information on etc. or to browse their products: , stop in at 215 Park Ave. Amherst OH 44001 or call: (440) 985-1999.

And a big thank you to the owner, Erin Link, for allowing me to photograph her wonderfully creative brain child. (And I think I left my coffee on a shelf).





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Top 10 Interior Design Ideas for 2016



Spring is in the air and according to the  PANTONE  Fashion Color Report, it’s going to  be a bright one. Plenty of color and contrast, in every shade of the rainbow.

Last night I began my own interior design project for spring. Luckily I picked a neutral living room set, leaving me plenty of ways to swap my colors as the seasons change. Although I still have a short shopping list. Ok…maybe it’s a long one. I’m indecisive. But here’s my list:

  • One large green lamp
  • One small rose lamp
  • Fresh cut flowers…by the dozens
  • One large throw rug
  • One large photo canvas depicting my lunch from last week: img_2935-1
  • Four mini photo canvas. I’m undecided as to which photos to use.
  • Several large colorful bamboo sticks

Currently, I am here:

Day 1 of my spring remodel

I’ve still got miles of color to play with and plenty of imagination. Just yesterday, I picked up some fun kitchen decor:

The pot was $1.50 and the flower cup was .50

And a really fun Alphabet table:

Found for $3 at the local thriftstore.

In the meantime, I’ve compiled a list of Top 10 Interior Design Ideas for Spring 2016. 

 Did I mention I ADORE this years color palette???

TOP 10 Spring Living Rooms

  1. mattandshari


  2. Coral-crush-in-the-backdrop-gives-the-small-living-area-a-glamorous-makeover
    From: Coral Crush


  3. spring_29_decorating
    From: Unknown. This photo was found on multiple sites.


  4. 6330737_f520 (1).jpg
    From: found on multiple sites.


  5. spring-buckeyestate.jpg


  6. Decorating-spring-ideas-4.jpg


  7. Navy-blue-living-room1-e1455711840107.jpg


  8. caution-yellow-and-dark-blue-contrasts-living-room-decor.jpg
    From: Fashion Master


  9. 100036b4180f01a016452479b45724433815a875.jpg


  10. 54c104420e0d3_-_01-hbx-english-style-bookcases-mcdonald-0913-xln.jpg
    From: House Beautiful


Naturally, if it were up to me, I’d just have ten lovely living rooms. There are just too many fabulous color schemes to play with this year.

Of course this means; I’ll require  extra lazy strolls through the local flea market.



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Organizing the Laundry Room

So my orders came in today  and….I love them! Since the remodel, I was a little nervous at first about the new color scheme. But I’m really liking the whole ‘spring’ thing. Lime green, teal, pink, yellow…everything spring. Sure helps take the misery out of winter.

A couple weeks ago, I hosted a Thirty-One Gifts party for my daughter, Katie. Honestly, I’m not big on purses, but I thrive on organization tools. I didn’t even know that company  had those. And lucky me…all in my colors! These are the ‘snap pockets’. They can attach to each other in a string or they can each hang separately. There’s also the tiny ‘snap bin’. That’s the circular pink one. I’m using it for belts. The kids never seem to remember to remove them, prior to dumping their clothes in the baskets for the  ‘magical laundry fairy’ to do.

11006402_903770396324075_3618205665597570968_n 10980765_903766712991110_9146592212014723353_n (1) 10868191_903766526324462_2681026970337078287_n (1) 10443347_903767282991053_3951133129716810619_n

I still have quite a bit to do. I’d like to replace the laundry baskets with large totes, as well as large bins for my cleaning products. But all in all, it’s a great start. Who says the laundry room needs to be boring?! Mine is right off the kitchen. You come in the house, through the laundry room and into the kitchen….it must have color! It’s funny how the smallest room in the house, is currently keeping me the most entertained.

Once I have the totes in place, I will of course, post more pics. I also need to get some sort of hanging hooks for the steam cleaner. I’m not real thrilled about leaning it up against the new paint job. Basically, it’s a work in progress….


And for my other daughter, I grabbed a string bag. Those seem pretty popular with the kids these days.


Katie’s Thirty-One Page

My goal is to have the entry look similar to this:


Now I just need someone to build me that shelving unit…if wishes were horses…..although, I may be able to find one to refurbish for next to nothing or even free…free is always better….and normally, I’m not big on spending money on ANYTHING. But let’s face it, the bags are cute and they match.

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De-Cluttering Your Life

Anyone who has been in the midst of a mess, can tell you, concentration and the overall ability to multi-task goes out the window. And as the little messes pile up, the mound of junk forming Mount Everest over there in the corner, can truly harp on one’s self-esteem. Having had multiple children, lots of messes and moments of temporary insanity, I had to come up with a hobby that would both boost my ‘mommy-esteem’ and make my life generally less ‘EEK’….


This is where that song ‘Clean Up, Clean Up Everybody Everywhere…’, came in handy. And I don’t mean for the kids. I had to face it, the kids could  pretty much throw toys in box, but my idea of clean and they’re idea of clean…well, those were  two different things. I’d come to realize, I rather enjoyed the ‘appearance’ that ‘clean’ created, but I’d hated to whole ‘cleaning process’.

And that’s when it came to me. I stopped seeing my home as chore and began to see it as art. What can I do with this canvas? How can I create a masterpiece? And rather than collecting mass volumes of useless junk, I realized…I prefer ‘minimal’ decor. Less is More. In this way, whenever I’m bored, I just change out a few things and I’ve got a whole new canvas. My new obsession was now ‘Changing With The Seasons’ and ‘Color Schemes’….maybe one month: tea pots and the next month: abstract art. But I knew, in order to make it work, I’d needed to quickly de-clutter. And minus the basic household needs…and I MEAN BASIC….everything had to go. For over a month, the garbage men hated our guts. Piles of this and that…gone. Not playing with toys? See ya….Haven’t worn those clothes in a year? Buh Bye now….Too many useless little figurines, with no rhyme or reason? Out you go! I went completely ‘blank palette’.

Over the years, since this obsession:  with not living in a mess:  began, we’ve had many different styles and themes. We’ve had greens, reds, browns and blues. A fresh paint of coat changes the interior of a home  real quick. Then just change out a few items and viola…whole new house. This year, we’re going with blues, yellows, lime greens and pinks. We’ve kept the furniture a very neutral color and this allows for simple room make-overs, in just a few minutes.

One thing that I’ve seen folks get hung up on….is the small stuff. Filling boxes, organizing boxes, moving boxes…here’s a tip…if it’s going in a box….you probably don’t need it. Find a garbage bin! Grandpa’s old pants from God knows when….ummm…seriously, say goodbye. You’re only holding on to them for you, not future generations. Trust me….nobody wants to inherit a mess. Your kids will have their own styles, they don’t need boxes of old stuff waiting for them when they buy their new homes. Furniture…sure…maybe. If you have kids headed off to college one day or maybe to their first apartment, that old kitchen table may be of use. Otherwise…minimize. Keep TWO shelves of decorative change-out items, in the basement or garage. These are items that matter. Glassware etc…or maybe an old antique watch. No…you really don’t need to keep every single thing that used to belong to grandma. I know that’s a hard pill to swallow….but what exactly do you think will be happening to her stuff, combined with all your stuff….who are you saving it all for? Keep those things that have  special meaning only.…just because an old shirt was found in her closet, doesn’t mean it was her favorite…especially when surrounded by BOXES upon BOXES of her old shirts. She couldn’t possibly have had a special relationship with each and every one. Or every single kitchen utensil…really? Here’s the thing kids…when I’m gone, you have my permission to throw out all the stuff that has zero meaning to you….yes, you may throw out my toothbrush and my bathrobe…I have no problem with that. Just keep my heart….it’ll be there…I promise.


Kitchen Tips:


Keep the top of the fridge BARE of FOOD! Piles of half eaten bags of chips on top of the fridge… it’s not a very welcoming site. Try standing in the entrance to your kitchen…what unique items are your eyes drawn to? If the answer is ‘a whole lotta God knows what’….maybe it’s time to put some stuff away.


Then you can show off a couple eye-catchers. Thrift Stores are great for this kind of stuff. Or  pull from those two shelves of ‘change-outs’.


Use the cupboards! That’s what they’re there for. If you can’t fit anymore in….that means you’ve got too much.  Or of the kitchen is small, shelving units come in handy. Unless you’re feeding an entire dorm of teenagers, you don’t need 10 frying pans laying about.

14932_898902400144208_3640649050948752764_n 10959619_898907943476987_3050693263799236422_n 10612770_898902663477515_5303894917946439455_n

Just keep a few items that match your color palette. One or two shelves of  ‘change out items’ in the basement or garage, is all you really need.


Fruit! Ahhh…bliss….If you don’t have flowers, fresh fruit and veggies make fabulous centerpieces.



Family Room:


Instead of throwing those remotes, batteries,  etc… all over the place, keep only the ones you actually need. If you’ve got remotes for items you no longer own, cuz…hey… “might need’em someday”…pitch’em! Only keep what you NEED!

1510522_898902650144183_8526733613942974145_n 15619_898908296810285_3042739372348010916_n

Find a way to hide cords. This can be as simple as behind the furniture, to using tape, hiding them  under the carpet or using an entertainment system with doors. Also, it’s a safety issue. Have a toddler? A very chewy cat or dog? Yeah…might want to make them  ‘out of sight, out of mind’. 


Stand in the entrance of your home…does it look inviting? Can you spot a mess? Is it cluttered? This is the first view guests have when entering your home. Take a picture…what would you like to change?



Coats tossed about? Hang them up. Shoes don’t belong in a pile by the door. It’s rather nerve wracking to spend the first couple minutes in someones house, just trying not to trip on a mound of shoes.





10959694_898930050141443_7605314227350074922_n (1)

Make the beds…honestly..everyday. Keep some large toy bins in the bottom of the closet. If they haven’t played with that toy in a year and you aren’t saving for another baby, get rid of it. If it’s broke and you ARE saving for another baby…get rid of it.






Ahhhhh…the most boring job ever. Unless……you make it fun. Make it about the decor. Yes…laundry can be about decor. I’m actually currently in the process of redesigning my utility room.

10915329_898902440144204_7883027559454411861_n 10988927_898902420144206_5059839320646878705_n


My plan (and I’ve already ordered a couple of things…)


I’m going with bins that have straps…they’re easier to transport when I’m doing laundry. Since the color changes in our home, I’ve had a strong desire to play with this room. It’s often overlooked. But for us, we have to walk through it, to get in the house. So it needs to be cohesive with the kitchen.

I do a load a day. EVERY SINGLE DAY! Sometimes two. There are five of us, so it can pile up quickly.


Side Note: Another really nice thing about using thriftstores or garage sales….there’s no sentimental value there. So if it breaks or get’s boring, so what? It’s cheaper and the variety never ends. Most thriftstores update their stock daily. Get there early. Flea Markets and Garage Sales fall into this category as well. However, watch it with flea markets. Know your stuff. It’s easy to get ripped off. That antique, may not be an antique. So don’t overpay. Do your research.


Things to do :


Pick up the clothes, put them in the laundry baskets.

Pick up the overall clutter.

The dishes…don’t let those sit all night. They just pile up and get harder to clean.

Toilets! YES! DAILY! Especially if you have boys! Wipe off that pee!

Remove hair and anything else that may be growing in the tub.

Wipe up spills…doesn’t take long for mold to form in a bathroom.

Make the beds.


Clean out the pet dishes. Don’t make them drink out of dirty dishes. USE soap and CLEAN them.



Mop…this can go every 2-5 depending on how many kids and pets you have.

Dust the vent fans in the bathroom. I like to remove them and use a vacuum extension on the fan blades.

Baseboards…lots of icky stuff lands there.

Furnace filters….that’s an important one.

Foam, vacuum or wipe off your couch, depending on fabric or leather fabric preference.

Pull out everything and wipe down cupboard shelves. Discard what you don’t use.

Wipe off light switches and glass covers.

Wipe off doors…Ever looked at the back of your bathroom door?

Scrub tubs and showers.

Windows…ahhhh windows. We do this every spring….so not fun, but I’m always relieved when it’s done.

Mop or Steam the bathroom and kitchen floors.

Pull out the tv…see all the dust in those vents? The brush extension on the vacuum is great for that.

Pull out the fridge, stove , washer and dryer….vacuum and can get pretty nasty under there….


Honestly, I could go on for ages…..the important thing is, start with what you see. Go large to small. Not the other way around. I’ve seen that fail…a person can spend hours working on a box. Clear the big stuff first. Then when you can focus, because you can now see the floor, you’ll have a better mindset to tackle one thing at a time. Maybe a closet. But don’t over think it. Remember the new hobby is ‘playing clean-up’ and building a ‘masterpiece’. Are you a Monet? A Picasso?  Or maybe a poet….Once your pages are blank…you decide the prose….so who are you going to be today?