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Yep…more remodeling. (Scroll to the bottom for ‘image inspiration’ and useful links.)

This is a project I’m just not that thrilled about tackling. I’m not spending a dime for a while. I need to use what I have first.

I’ve taken stock and discovered I’ve got about:

10 gallons of assorted paints..diluted it will stretch, then seal with a clear basement sealer.

20 ceiling panels

6 tubes of caulking

10 or so assorted baseboards

3 rolls of wiring

10 outlets and boxes

1 large bucket of ceiling paint…I can get creative with this.

1 roll of tape

2 gallons of deck stain

Drywall scraps

Copper wire

PVC piping

A majority of the stuff is leftover from previous remodels. So I’ve got quite a bit. The pic below is the main portion of the basement, already done.


It’s randomly changed based on who’s hanging out down there…

But it’s still a little bland. And as much as I’d love to spruce it up, my oldest son prefers minimal decor. Currently, it’s his coveted cocoon.

The back storage room, however, is free territory. And right now, we’re testing paints. The intention is a lounge/studio and bathroom.


Future Bathroom


Future Lounge/Studio


One thing I learned from past experience, is if I don’t want drywall on the whole section, I will need an accent wall. It’s a nightmare hanging pics on the cement and I’m not putting in those basement hooks. Nothing to compromise the integrity of the walls. And I’ll finish it with a clear basement sealer.
These are all of the items with no spot. Mostly holiday decor. The plan is shelving units. Sort of like these…..


There’s plenty of space for something insanely creative here.
I’m not entirely sure what the end game is for the floor.
And this overall area will be mostly shelving and organized…Seriously…organized units!

I’m trying to keep myself sane, by remembering how the other section looked. During the nightmare remodel….it was a wreck….


But eventually….


It worked out.

For my own inspiration, I’m using this post to hold photos of images found on Google. I need a ‘muse’ portfolio to remind me of what  the finished product can look like….with a little hard work.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


How to Apply Basement Floor Epoxy


DIY Basement Waterproofing Tips

How to Finish a Basement: Framing and Insulating


And a few more ideas…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.






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Simmering Chicken Marinade and a Veggie Side: All-In-One

Marinade always seems to taste better, the deeper it penetrates the food. So it stands to reason, simmering helps to permeate every little poultry pore, when it comes to chicken.

Step 1: Add chicken bits (legs, thighs, etc…), to a large pot. 


Step 2: Add some pepper blend…


Step 3: Toss in some turmeric…


Step 4: How about some whole sweet peppers?


Step 5: Maybe a touch of garlic…


Step 6: We’re on a roll! Pop in some capers…


Step 7: And my favorite…Apple Cider Vinegar…


Allow the marinade to simmer, and prepare the vegetables….


Parsnips, Sprouts and Red Onion! Mmmm…..

Simmer the veggies in a separate pot…


After thoroughly simmering the chicken bits, drain the fluid, keeping the sweet peppers and tiny bits. Throw it all in a roaster…don’t forget to put the rack in, for proper drainage….


Then add your simmered veggies.


Drizzle some teriyaki ….


Set to 350 and bake till chicken is done. (Keep a lid on the roaster, for optimum juiciness).


And go nuts! I’m not gonna lie…this meal was fabulous!



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Organic Hues

As far as interior design goes, I tend to pull color from the objects or organic materials that surround me on a daily basis. I’ve had a few requests via e-mail for my thoughts on this years palette.  While I’m prone to soft grey tones, I do have some favorite accent colors.

For the fall season…more the transition period, between both fall and winter…these are my picks for 2015.

Pepper and Turmeric


Assorted colors, shapes and hues from around the house….







Salad Greens…


Paprika, Sage and Pepper….


Some simple lovelies…


And a blending…12232701_1046566342044479_1757157038591871527_o 12240103_1046567932044320_5921415669935158336_n

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Flax, Onion, Tomato Omelette

“Flaxseeds (also called linseeds) are a rich source of micronutrients, dietary fiber, manganese, vitamin B1, and the essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid, also known as ALA or omega-3. The seeds come from flax, one of the oldest fiber crops in the world – known to have been cultivated in ancient Egypt and China.”

Yum! Omelettes!

This is a basic recipe, with one extra ingredient, for optimal health. When cooking with flax, it’s best to grind the seeds first, in a coffee grinder. Many folks are unable to process seeds.






Ground Flax Seed

Beat the eggs and set aside. Saute’ onion and tomato. Add the egg mixture to a cocnut oiled, skillet. When omelette is lightly cooked, add the veggies and coat in ground flax seed. Gently fold and cook till done.

Omelette and Flax Recipe
Omelette and Flax Recipe
Omelette and Flax Recipe
Onion, Flax, Tomato Omelette:
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Humans of New York: The Human Condition…In Spades

Humans Of New York ….what a concept. We live in an age where everyone has an agenda, the media thrives on stirring the pot; by pointing out our differences and global distrust runs rampant. It’s rather refreshing to see the human condition as commonplace and not some sort of disease requiring yet another prescription drug. 

For those who don’t know, HONY was created by a man named Brandon Stanton. The idea was genius and the execution...flawless. Take a photo of the average human, add a small relatable commentary: something the subject said…and viola! A full artistic rendering of the human condition.

I’ve been following HONY since it began. Each day I wake-up and scroll through my facebook feed, looking for my daily HONY fix. And each day, I get a small glimpse into the heart and mind of a human miles and miles away. From the photo of a child’s sneakers, caption reading that she was afraid to go home. To the man who works 13 hour days and fears he’s somehow failing his beautiful wife. I also got a glimpse into the lives of the humans in Iran, when Brandon traveled there.

The world as a whole, is not a collection of countries and barriers. I know it may seem that way. But that’s just the leadership on all fronts. It’s sort of like a game and we’re all the pawns. The truth is, I think anywaymost of us prefer peace. Most of us…meaning the majority, are not actually in charge of anything. We like to pretend, but sorry….it’s just not so.

And we sure like to classify, don’t we? We like to refer to people as a ‘group’  or  ‘blanket judge’. We pick a country, religion or race; point out the horrors and then judge the whole lot. HONY does the opposite. It yanks us out from under the blanket and shows us as individuals. Creative, Artistic, Dirty, Tidy,  Nutty, Amazing, Beautiful, Hardworking, Joyful, Woeful, Proud, Intelligent,  Colorful … the full range of the emotional spectrum ….and HUMAN! 

Cultures are admired for both their simplicity and their complexities. Differences are shown as a magnificent work of art, something to cherish… not pull away from in repulsion.

And as I watch the daily picture show, scroll through me feed, I often do feel like I’m wandering through the halls of a monumental museum. A living breathing work of art that we call  ‘Earth’.

So check it out…Humans of New York

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My heart lies somewhere in my veggie patch…..

What with all the lovely rain, flooding and overall wacky weather in my neck of the woods, my garden has really taken off. The only bad part is, it’s so dang hot! I really need to get on the weeds, but I fear I shall melt!

Last year, I decided to pull all my Holly bushes, among other things, and slowly make the transition to an edible lanscape.


Of course, dill being dill…it has taken center stage along the side of the house. And the smell is fantastic!


And of course, an herb garden would be incomplete without chamomile.

19409_972640986103682_6992631101704404031_n 11138078_972642036103577_8864245285999331339_n

Cabbage and green beans….and so far, the rabbits are leaving them alone….although, I’m pretty sure they’re tormenting my neighbor.


Of course, no meal is complete without Sweet Basil!

This year, my strawberries have taken off as well! I’m pleasantly suprised! It took three years to get that plant to establish itself. But I think it’s due to the fact, I removed a shrub that was seriously bilking the sun.


(Again, and I believe I did do a review on it, but I’m still using an HTC phone for the pictures…so…they’re washed out and rather bland. You really can’t beat the iPhone when it comes to photos in a pinch. However, for the time being I’m staying with the HTC. )

And here’s just a few more snap shots….

11390103_963293457038435_4215178689017229851_n 11113018_963293860371728_7983599390234696565_n 11428051_963293807038400_2702905021463615412_n

Once I start harvesting (and I really can’t wait for the peas!)….I’ll have some new recipes to go along with my new edible landscape.

~ A great tea…..chamomile and mint leaves 😉