So, I thought I’d update on our remodel status. We are done! YAY! I for one, had grown terribly bored with all the red. I wanted something more modern, light and airy. We built the house, around 10 years ago. Of course, in the beginning, it was a lovely blank canvas. Over the past 10 years, it’s had many ‘trial and error’ make-overs. But this time, by George, I think we’ve got it!


ABOVE: Yes…the pic above, was extremely red. Now don’t get me wrong, I rather like red….but day in and day out, it gets to be a bit much. So we dove right in, and changed it.


ABOVE: We pulled off the baseboards and replaced them with plastic baseboards. The dog’s water was damaging the previous ones.


ABOVE: We started with two coats of primer…red is extremely hard to cover. We did get a paint with primer in it, as well.

10359330_801321826568933_5250414444836693172_n1932206_804067039627745_6120878912807121756_n10689762_807012782666504_2457824920270314268_n 10649652_805146226186493_2807574295337992761_n10616592_805146186186497_1569711763059335017_n10533442_804033769631072_4038889877076077328_n

ABOVE: You don’t even want to know how I got above the stairs…I was riding by the seat of my pants, home alone and couldn’t move the equipment up there by myself….It was really a rather funny site. I had the ER and Blue Cross on speed dial!

BELOW: Meanwhile, we decided to go ahead and replace the flooring with ceramic tile, so our house turned into a hoarding mess…


ABOVE: We lived in this mess for a month. I still get nightmares.


ABOVE: I refinished some of the appliances and we decided, if we were in…we were all in, so we got a new washer dryer.

10388577_808922942475488_1713747914611366457_n 10628458_808427542525028_7250651401927709782_n 10394087_808427619191687_2330494294942658307_n 10665234_808619739172475_7085791183764395201_n

ABOVE: The tile was the hardest part. You aren’t supposed to walk on it for a while, a couple of days. That’s really hard, when you have kids…who REALLY like food….

10645115_802622609772188_5481261294985874948_n 10636117_805146302853152_2204019722538265415_n 10659389_803676189666830_6240983437248608053_n 10615444_803676123000170_8567571533337449460_n

ABOVE: I chose a ‘bronze crackle’ spray paint, and refinished the picture frames, doorbell and spot lights.

10563045_809247955776320_433371320529195556_n 10368270_809363269098122_3747391058534240035_n 10502444_809564129078036_489170021286244535_n

ABOVE: My neighbor was pitching an adorable little bench, I grabbed it up and refinished it for my daughter’s room. Then I added some fluffy clouds. I had to do something, while I was waiting for the kitchen tiles to set. The shape of my family room, was overwhelming!

10701953_809559729078476_7342987238768875626_n 10696471_810410775660038_6281355710350866156_n 10687008_810410802326702_3120375924908254089_n 10666102_810410835660032_5186642125404884103_n

10625124_809559645745151_7063001565950035579_n 10606407_810410728993376_90683127488949819_n 10606383_809559675745148_23458984229966293_n 10592797_808906722477110_3970457175134467919_n 10428596_809559599078489_552699372043846759_n 10405644_803764122991370_2024709260595261115_n 10359233_810410755660040_580720233916526764_n 10352939_803764229658026_3531960436111521883_n 148755_805146159519833_567942927077973559_n

The whole process, was totally worth it. With the basement being finished last year…(BELOW:)

1452462_659297384104712_829036706_n 1457567_659267730774344_1896304868_n

and the upstairs done, we have finally finished our dream house. The colors are fresher, the carpet (well, a cat, a dog and tons of kids…it had to go) is refreshing. Ceramic tile is my new best friend…and shoes are FORBIDDEN! Hopefully, it’ll stay this way for a while. Even my mood is better! Through-out the whole process, I threw stuff out like CRAZY! I kept NOTHING that we didn’t have to have except , minimal decor, less clutter= more peace.

Now, here’s the REALLY COOL part…99% of our decor and furniture was FREE! Yep! When my in-laws moved, they gave us the leather couches and glass tables. The Foose-Ball Table, we got at a garage sale for 10$. Most of the decor, I found at Goodwill, for a few quarters! It can be hard to remodel on low budget, but if you take your time, keep your eyes open and really dig through the thrift stores, it can absolutely be done. Few tips, watch when you’re buying painted ANYTHING. You don’t want to bring lead into your home. Don’t buy used fabric furniture unless you know where it’s been. My In-Laws, are extremely tidy. I had zero issues with them giving us those beautiful leather couches. Don’t buy used throw pillows! There’s a reason, those disclaimers, are on the tags at Goodwill. You could bring in bed bugs, mites, fleas or illness. It’s not worth it.  As far as old picture frames etc…the spray paint is very reasonable. And in the end, they all match!

So, all in all…AWESOME finish to an incredibly hectic year!